Impeach the President

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"Impeach the President"
Single by The Honey Drippers
B-side"Roy C's Theme Song"
Format7-inch single
LabelAlaga Records, Tuff City Records
Songwriter(s)Roy Charles Hammond
Producer(s)Roy C

"Impeach the President" is a single by funk band The Honey Drippers, released on Alaga Records in 1973 and re-released to iTunes by Tuff City Records in 2017, after being sampled hundreds of times since the mid 1980s.[1] It is a protest song advocating the impeachment of then-President of the United States Richard Nixon.[2] In the chorus the band chants the song's title while Roy persuades them to stop. The B-side was "Roy C's Theme".[3]


The song is famous for having its drum pattern being one of the most adapted beats in hip hop, R&B, jazz and even pop music.[4][5][6] The hi-hat is lifted on the sixth note of the drum pattern, similar to Hihache by The Lafayette Afro Rock Band which does so on the 8th (which is hidden in several R&B songs) and this means that some songs which sample "Impeach" also interpolate "Hihache" e.g. Ronny Jordan's Come With Me. Below is a rough list of songs which sample or interpolate the song and its drum intro:

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*Note that the studio version is an interpolation and the live version on 3 Nites in Miami directly samples "Impeach the President".



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