In Flight (Linda Perry album)

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In Flight
LindaPerry InFlight AlbumArt.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSept. 16, 1996 (original)
Oct. 11, 2005 (re-release)
GenreAlternative rock, blues rock
LabelInterscope (original)
Custard Records, Kill Rock Stars (re-release)
ProducerBill Bottrell, Linda Perry
Linda Perry chronology
In Flight
After Hours
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars [1]
The A.V. Club(unfavorable) [2]
Chicago Tribune3/4 stars [3]
Entertainment WeeklyD (1996) [4]
C+ (2005)[5]
Los Angeles Times3/4 stars [6]
People(favorable) [7]
Q3/5 stars [8]
Robert Christgau(dud) [9]

In Flight is the first solo album by singer and producer Linda Perry, released in 1996. It was produced by Bill Bottrell (Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson). Perry re-released the album in 2005 on her own record label Custard Records. The re-release contains original videos from the singles "Freeway" and "Fill Me Up". Perry says that Interscope, her record label in 1996, which had been hoping for something a little catchier than In Flight, didn't promote the album, and the disappointing sales rattled her. "My gut feeling that I relied on failed me. . . . I was devastated", Perry says.

Track listing[edit]

All music & lyrics written by Linda Perry, published by Famous Music Corp. o/b/o Itself and Stuck In The Troat Music (ASCAP) except where noted

  1. "In My Dreams" – 5:26
  2. "Freeway" – 5:54
  3. "Uninvited" – 4:24
  4. "Success" (Bill Bottrell, Perry) – 5:25
  5. "Life In A Bottle" – 4:21
  6. "Fill Me Up" – 5:00
  7. "Knock Me Out" (Perry, Marty Willson-Piper, Grace Slick) – 6:50
  8. "Too Deep" – 5:37
  9. "Taken" – 3:38
  10. "Fruitloop Daydream" (Perry, Bottrell, Brian MacLeod, Kevin Gilbert, Dan Schwartz) – 3:15
  11. "Machine Man" (Perry, MacLeod, Gilbert, Schwartz) – 3:20
  12. "In Flight" – 5:03

Re-Release Music Videos[edit]

  1. "Fill Me Up" (Music Video) - 4:44
  2. "Freeway" (Music Video) - 4:35


  • "Bill": Perry explains "Bill" as "like a mini rock opera, that I didn't put on the new album because it was too big of a production for me to deal with right now". She performed the song live on her unplugged concert "At Moondog Cafe", 1998.
  • "Shame": B-side to "Fill Me Up" single.
  • "Blow": B-side to "Freeway" single.

Album information[edit]

  • In Flight was described by Perry as a "mini-concept album" inspired by Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon - she says it's something she would like to have done earlier in her career but "I didn't have enough influence in the band." Some songs, like "In My Dreams" & "Too Deep", were already written at the 4 Non Blondes-time but they never recorded the songs.
  • "Knock Me Out" was featured on the soundtrack of the film The Crow: City of Angels.


Additional Personnel[edit]


  • Bill Bottrell – producer
  • Linda Perry – co-producer
  • Blair Lamb and Mark Cross – engineers
  • Recorded at Toad Hall
  • Mastered by Joe Gastwirt
  • Tom Whalley – A&R direction
  • Jill Rose – project coordination


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