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In Touch Ministries is an American Christian Evangelical non-profit ministry founded by Charles Stanley, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Stanley, whose Sunday services are broadcast throughout the United States on the ministry's In Touch television program, was rated the third most influential Protestant pastor, behind Billy Graham and Charles Swindoll, in a 2010 survey by LifeWay.[1]

The ministry's stated mission is to "lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church."[2]


In October 2007, In Touch purchased FamilyNet, a cable network with mostly Christian-based programming, from the Southern Baptists' North American Mission Board.[3] In December 2009, In Touch sold the network to the ComStar Media Fund,[4] a private company co-owned by Robert A. Schuller.[5]


InTouch's stated purpose for existence is sharing the gospel through the teachings of Dr. Charles F. Stanley. The main outreach tools used by the ministry are television, radio, magazine and the World Wide Web.

InTouch's radio and television programs are broadcast in over 50 languages


Stanley's teachings are based on Biblical principles and life application lessons. The televised version is bulleted with key points and the methods through which the issue can be resolved are presented simultaneously with his sermon.


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