In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro

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In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro
Directed byRaju Patel
Produced byJeffrey M. Sneller
Written byT. Michael Harry
Jeffrey M. Sneller
StarringJohn Rhys-Davies
Timothy Bottoms
Irene Miracle
Music byArlon Ober
CinematographyChuy Elizondo
Edited byPradip Roy Shah
Distributed byScotti Brothers Pictures
Columbia Broadcasting System
Release date
  • April 30, 1986 (1986-04-30) (UK)

  • May 9, 1986 (1986-05-09) (USA)
Running time
97 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro is a 1986 British-Kenyan natural horror film set in Kenya. The film was directed by Raju Patel.


In 1984, in the small town of Namanga, Kenya, a young girl is found alone in the wilderness. Jack Ringtree, who found the girl, brings her to the local school to find out more about her. Namanga is going through a severe drought, which causes water to become scarce. Jack visits a nearby mining outpost to ask if they have water. the owner, Chris Tucker, tells him off. Jack's wife, Lee, arrives in Namanga that night, and has sex with Jack. Meanwhile, a local boy is kidnapped by a group of baboons.

The next morning, one of the miners, Claud Gagnon, is mauled by a group of baboons. The grandfather of the missing child calls up Jack and Chris, asking if they can help him find his grandson. Chris leads the miners and a group of Maasai women to looks for the missing child. They find both the bodies of the child and Claud. The group massacres a pack of baboons while Jack takes images as proof.

Jack and Chris pled to the local district officer, Tshombe, to evacuate everyone in Namanga to Nairobi, but Tshombe dismisses them. Jack then travels to Nairobi to find someone who can eradicate the baboons, but is also dismissed. Lucille, Claud's wife, griefs over his death and plans to leave Kenya. Meanwhile, two electricians tries to fix a broken telephone line. A pack of baboons attacks them and kills one of the man, while the other escapes.

The next day, Lee is attacked and almost killed by a pack of baboons, but is saved by Jack. The mining outpost is also attacked by a large pack of baboons, but everyone escaped. Chris gets a report of a supply truck that crashed 10 miles away from Namanga. Chris, Jack, and two miners, Odom and Uto, travels to the site. Uto explores the area and finds that almost everything has been stolen. The others find a pack of baboons with the supply. Chris scares them off and Jack explores the flipped supply truck. The pack of baboons returns, now more fierce, Chris, Odom, and Uto takes of on the jeep, leaving Jack behind. Meanwhile, Tshombe flies Lucille flies out of town, but are attacked and killed by a stowaway baboon.

When Chris returns, he gets a report about a local school getting attacked. He sends Odom and Uto to take care of the situation. Jack bribes the pack of baboons and successfully escapes. He hot wires an abandoned bus and meets up with Chris. They all head to the school and successfully saves everyone.

The entire town is barricaded inside a local hotel, with the miners guarding the area. The teacher, Linda, is suddenly killed by a baboon that broke into the hotel. The miners protect the locals, while Chris and Jack fights off the hoard of monkeys. Chris is knocked out when it suddenly rains. The rain scares away the baboons and causes the town's drought to finally be over.


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