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Commercial Yes
Launched 1993

IndiaWeekly is a commercial website serving India and its diaspora, providing them with an online shopping platform for entertainment products like movies, music, and gifts.

IndiaWeekly has over 1 million fans on social networking site Facebook.[1] At one point it owned 54% of the online Indian DVD market as per a court document.[2]

Court case against Nehaflix[edit]

IndiaWeekly sued its competitor Nehaflix for an amount in excess of a million dollars in the U.S. Federal Court alleging that they hacked into their computer system and stole its trade secrets.[2] After a lawsuit which involved more than 250 court filings and which lasted around five years, IndiaWeekly finally got the website to be permanently shut down in a settlement.[2]

In April 2011, IndiaWeekly received a favorable ruling from a senior US District Judge Melancon Tucker, who ordered that all Yahoo records of Nehaflix for 2002 to present, including all customer records be handed over to counsels of IndiaWeekly.[3] [4] A document from Yahoo that was produced as a result of a subpoena issued to them by IndiaWeekly stated that Yahoo records contained over 150,000 customer orders that was received via website[2] IndiaWeekly received all of these customer records in the settlement.[2]

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