India at the 2009 Asian Martial Arts Games

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India at the
2009 Asian Martial Arts Games
Flag of India.svg
IOC code IND
NOC Indian Olympic Association
in Bangkok
Ranked 10th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
3 7 23 33

India won three gold, seven silver and 23 bronze to finish a commendable 10th in the 2009 Asian Martial Arts Games. For India, all the three gold were won by women and two came in kurash, a form of upright jacket wrestling originated in Uzbekistan.

Shally Manral gave India their first gold in the women's 52 kg half-weight category in kurash, while Laxmi Tyagi scored second in the 52 kg low kick kick-boxing. Jaya Chaudhary rounded off India's campaign with a gold in the women's 72 kg half-heavy division in kurash to help the side finish in the top 10 bracket.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Judo 0 1 5 6
Jujitsu 0 1 4 5
Karate-do 0 0 1 1
Kickboxing 1 0 3 4
Kurash 2 1 3 6
Muay Thai 0 0 6 6
Wushu & Kungfu 0 4 1 5
Total 3 7 23 33


Medal Sport Event Name
 Gold Kurash Women’s Half Lightweight -52 kg Shally Manral
 Gold Kurash Women’s Half Heavyweight -78 kg Jaya Chaudhary
 Gold Kickboxing Low Kick -52kg women Laxmi Tyagi
 Silver Judo Men's -100 kg Half-Heavy Anil Kumar
 Silver Jujitsu Fighting System (Men -69 kg) Lalit Singh
 Silver Kurash Men’s Half Middleweight -81 kg Manish Kumar
 Silver Wushu & Kungfu Men’s Sanshou 52 kg Gulshan
 Silver Wushu & Kungfu Men’s Duilian Bare Hand Combat Somorjit Saglosem, Roshan singh Namdeibam, Dewan singh Huidrom
 Silver Wushu & Kungfu Women’s Sanshou 48 kg Sanathoi devi Yumnam
 Silver Wushu & Kungfu Women’s Sanshou 56 kg Sandhyarani devi Wangkhem
 Bronze Judo Men's -73 kg Light Ramashrey Yadav
 Bronze Judo Women's -48 kg Extra-Light Khumujam tombi Devi
 Bronze Judo Women's -52 kg Half-Light Kalpana devi Thoudam
 Bronze Judo Women's -57 kg Light ishram nirupama Devi
 Bronze Judo Women's -63 kg Half-Middle Garima Chaudhary
 Bronze Jujitsu Duo Mixed Sakshi Singh, Lalit Singh
 Bronze Jujitsu Fighting System (Women -55 kg) Sakshi Singh
 Bronze Jujitsu Fighting System (Women -62 kg) Gule surkhab Wani
 Bronze Jujitsu Duo Women Sakshi Singh, Gule surkhab Wani
 Bronze Karate-do Men Individual Kumite -55 kg Laxman Singh
 Bronze Kickboxing Full Contact -75kg men Sanjay madhusudan Kaoted
 Bronze Kickboxing Low Kick -71kg men Arun singh Charak
 Bronze Kickboxing Full Contact -56kg women Heena nasreen Jahan
 Bronze Kurash Men’s Lightweight -73 kg Praveen Thakur
 Bronze Kurash Men’s Half Heavyweight -100 kg Manish Kumar
 Bronze Kurash Women’s Half Middleweight -63 kg Narayan Bhal Paul
 Bronze Muay Thai Men's Fly weight (48-51 kg) Dolan singh Ningthoukhongjam
 Bronze Muay Thai Men's Middle weight (71-75 kg) Balkrishna shekhar Sheety
 Bronze Muay Thai Women's Pin weight (42-45 kg) Mudrika
 Bronze Muay Thai Women's Light Fly weight (45-48 kg) Sarita devi Nongmaithem
 Bronze Muay Thai Women's Light Fly weight (45-48 kg) Harbansh kaur Sandhu
 Bronze Muay Thai Women's Light weight (57-60 kg) Mamta Verma
 Bronze Wushu & Kungfu Women’s Duilian Apparatus Combat Sapna Devi Yumlembam, Ayapana toshibala Ngangom, Sanathoibi chanu Angom


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