Indiscreet (FM album)

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Studio album by FM
Released September 8, 1986
Recorded Mediterranean Studios (Ibiza)
Comforts Place (Surrey)
Livingston Recording Studios (London).
Genre Hard rock
Length 40:21
Label Portrait
Producer Dave King, FM
FM chronology
Tough It Out
Singles from Indiscreet
  1. "Frozen Heart"
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Indiscreet is the debut album from British hard rock band FM. Indiscreet was originally released in 1986 on the Portrait Records label, a sister label of Epic Records. The song "Frozen Heart" became a moderately successful single. The song "That Girl" was covered by Iron Maiden as a B-side to their single "Stranger in a Strange Land" following its inclusion in a live set by The Entire Population of Hackney (featuring Andy Barnett, erstwhile and future FM member and friend of Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith). Written by Merv Goldsworthy, Pete Jupp and Andy Barnett in an early FM line-up, it was one of the demo songs which secured FM their record contract with Portrait/Epic in 1984.[1] By the time Indiscreet was released FM had re-written parts of their song, while Iron Maiden's release three weeks later covered the original arrangement.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "That Girl" – 3:55 (M. Goldsworthy/P. Jupp/A. Barnett)
  2. "Other Side of Midnight" – 4:07 (M. Goldsworthy/P. Jupp)
  3. "Love Lies Dying" – 4:46 (M. Goldsworthy/S. Overland/P. Jupp/C. Overland/D. Digital)
  4. "I Belong To The Night" – 4:17 (S. Overland/C. Overland)
  5. "American Girls" – 4:06 (S. Overland/C. Overland)
  6. "Hot Wired" – 4:49 (M. Goldsworthy)
  7. "Face to Face" – 4:37 (S. Overland/C. Overland/P. Jupp)
  8. "Frozen Heart" – 5:07 (M. Goldsworthy/S. Overland/P. Jupp/C. Overland/D. Digital)
  9. "Heart of the Matter" – 4:27 (S. Overland/C. Overland)

2005 Remaster Bonus Tracks

  1. "Captured"
  2. "Alibi"
  3. "Hold On To The Night"
  4. "American Girls (Live)"
  5. "Face to Face (Live)"
  6. "Other Side of Midnight (Live)"
  7. "Say it Like it is (Live)"
  8. "Dangerous (Live)"

2012 Remaster Bonus Disc Tracks

  1. "Frozen Heart (Extended)"
  2. "Captured"
  3. "American Girls (Live)"
  4. "Say it Like it is (Live)"
  5. "American Girls (Instrumental)"
  6. "Let Love be the Leader"
  7. "Let Love be the Leader (Extended)"
  8. "Let Love be the Leader (Live)"
  9. "Other Side of Midnight (Live)"
  10. "Face to Face (Live)"
  11. "Bad Luck (Extended)"
  12. "Addicted to Love (Live)"
  13. "Hot Legs (Live)"



Produced, arranged and engineered by Merv Goldsworthy, Steve Overland, Pete Jupp, Chris Overland, Didge Digital and Dave King.
Assisted by Alan Moulder, Pete Woodroffe, George Shilling and Mark Robinson.
Recorded at Mediterranean Studios (Ibiza), Comforts Place (Surrey) and Livingston Studios (London).


  1. ^ "FM Biography". FM Official - The Home of British Rock Band FM. Retrieved 31 August 2015. In the summer of 1984...FM was formed... the band wrote six songs. By December of that same year FM had secured a recording contract with the CBS/Portrait label... 
  2. ^ "Q&A with Pete Jupp". FM Official - The Home of British Rock Band FM. Retrieved 31 August 2015. Maiden's version was the original arrangement we did in the "Andy Goes to Canada" line-up with Andy Barnett, Dave Lloyd and Dave Colwell before Steve and Chris were in the band. We rewrote the chorus early on after the Overlands came on board. It was one of the four songs that got us the CBS deal.