Inekon 01 Trio

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Inekon 01 Trio
Olomouc, Sokolská, tramvajová vozovna, Inekon 01 Trio (2).jpg
Manufacturer Inekon Trams
Assembly Czech Republic Ostrava, Czech Republic
Constructed 2002–2006
Predecessor Škoda 03 T
Capacity 41 (Seated)
99 (Standing)
Train length 20,130 mm (792.52 in)
Width 2,460 mm (96.85 in)
Height 3,460 mm (136.22 in)
Floor height 350 mm (13.78 in)/750 mm (29.53 in)
Low-floor 50%
Articulated sections 2 (3 body sections)
Maximum speed 70 km/h (43 mph)
Weight 26 t (28.7 short tons; 25.6 long tons)
Steep gradient 8%
Power output 360 kW (480 hp)
(4 × 90 kW or 120 hp)
Wheels driven 100% (8/8)
Bogies fixed
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Inekon 01 Trio is an articulated low-floor tram manufactured by company Inekon Trams. The company is a member of Inekon group. The tram is conceptually based on the Škoda 03 T developed by Škoda Transportation and Inekon Group.


The joint venture between Škoda and Inekon was dissolved in 2001, after which Škoda continued to sell the 03 T, while Inekon formed a new partnership with DPO (Dopravní podnik Ostrava, the city transport company of Ostrava),[1] known as DPO Inekon, and in 2002 began selling a nearly identical version of the Astra, under the name Trio.[2] The Trio is a three-carbody-section, four-axle (two-bogie) design, in which the low-floor area represents 50% of the entire vehicle floor area. The overall length is 20.13 metres (66.0 ft). The Inekon 01 Trio is a single-ended (uni-directional) version, buyers of which have included (as of 2008) the transport agencies in Olomouc and Ostrava. The first car was built in 2002, for Ostrava's tram system (DPO).

Deliveries and operation[edit]

City Year Delivered In operation Numbers
Olomouc Czech Republic 2006 3 3 205–207
Ostrava Czech Republic 2002–2005 9 9 1251–1259
TOTAL 12 12


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