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Also known as Plague
Origin Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genres industrial/death metal
Years active 1992–1996, 2003, 2008–2009
Labels Thrust, Shock
Associated acts iMAJ

Infected (typeset as iNFeCTeD) were an industrial, death metal band from Perth, Western Australia, which formed in 1992 with James Campbell on bass guitar, Joe Kapiteyn on vocals, Matthew Jefferson on guitar, and Gareth Morris on drums.[1] After two self released cassettes they signed with Shock's metal label, Thrust Records.[1] They released two albums, Crawlspace (1993) and Control (1995).[1] After each album they toured Australia to promote the records. They supported international acts Morbid Angel, Fear Factory, Pungent Stench and Carcass on their tours in Australia.[1] In 1996 Infected released another cassette[1] and broke up in September.[2]

Infected reformed in 2003 to record a new ep and again in 2008. After another shorter period of inactivity, 2009 saw the band play a Halloween show in Perth in support of a re-release of their album crawlspace through Western Australian label Prime Cuts Music.


  • James Campbell – bass guitar
  • Matthew Jefferson – guitar
  • Joe Kapiteyn – vocals
  • Gareth Morris – drums
  • Bjorg Saetre – keyboards (1995–1996)
  • Robert Thorpe – keyboards (2003)
  • Andrew Wright – keyboards (2008)



  • crawlspace (Thrust Records, December 1993)
  • CoNTRoL (Thrust Records, April 1995)
  • crawlspace (Prime Cuts Music, 2009 re-release)


  • winter (1992)
  • prick (Wild Rags, 1993)
  • TRiAL (1996)
  • straightwhitegod (Independent, 2003)


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