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Inga Peulich
Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly
for Bentleigh
In office
3 October 1992 – 30 November 2002
Preceded by Ann Barker
Succeeded by Rob Hudson
Member of the Victorian Legislative Council
Assumed office
25 November 2006
Personal details
Born Inga Dosen
(1956-10-15) 15 October 1956 (age 59)
Political party Liberal Party of Australia
Spouse(s) Savo Peulich
Children Paul Peulich
Alma mater Monash University
Occupation Member of the Victorian Parliament

Temporary Chair of Committees (Acting Speaker) 1996–2002. House Cttee 1994–96.

Community Development Committee 1992–96. Library Cttee 1992–2002.

Family and Community Development Committee 1996–2002 (Dep Chair 1999–2002).

Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee 2007 – November 2010.

Environment and Planning Legislation Committee (Chair); Environment and Planning References Committee (Dep Chair) 8 February 2011 – 16 April 2013.

Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee May 2011–31 July 2013.

Economic Development, Infrastructure and Outer Suburban/Interface Services Committee 1 August 2013–20 March 2014.

Legal and Social Issues Legislation Committee; Legal and Social Issues References Committee May 2013 – February 2014.

Electoral Matters Committee March 2013 – November 2014.

House Committee and LC Privileges Committee February–November 2014

Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government
Religion Roman Catholicism

Inga Peulich (born 15 October 1956) is an Australian politician currently serving in the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Victoria as Member for the South Eastern Metropolitan Region. Peulich was appointed the offices of Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government following the 2014 State election. [1]


Inga Peulich is of Bosnian heritage, being born Inga Dosen in Bosnia and Herzegovina and migrating to Australia in 1967 with her family. [2] Peulich is married to small business owner Savo Peulich, and they have a son, Paul Peulich who is currently a Councillor with Kingston City Council, where he was also elected as Mayor in 2013–2014.[3]

Peulich has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Education. Before election as the State Liberal Member for Bentleigh in the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Peulich taught VCE English and Psychology and was English Faculty Head in a large government school in the South East Region. She also has extensive experience in small business and continues today through her involvement in an engineering business in the region.

Peulich has been involved with many political, community and not-for-profit organisations. Membership include:

  • Councillor, City of Moorabbin 1990–1993
  • Director, Marriott Foundation 1999–2003
  • City Chair, Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. Chair, Moorabbin Arts Council
  • Past Pres., Victorian Parents Children in Day Care Association Inc.
  • Involvement with various community and sporting organisations
  • Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • Liberal Party of Australia.[4]

Political career[edit]

In 1989, Inga Peulich joined the Moorabbin Branch of the Liberal Party and a year later was elected to the Moorabbin City Council. She was a Liberal member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 1992 to 2002, representing the electorate of Bentleigh. One of many members elected in Jeff Kennett's landslide win at the 1992 election, Peulich lost her seat of Bentleigh at the 2002 election, having held it one term in opposition for the first time since the seat was created and was defeated at the fourth election.[5] She returned to parliament at the 2006 election, being elected to the Legislative Council as one of the members for South Eastern Metropolitan Region. Peulich was re-elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in 2010 and 2014[6]

Following a varied parliamentary committee career, Peulich was promoted to Shadow Parliamentary Secretary, Education and Communities in February 2008. Following the election of the Baillieu Liberal/National Coalition at the 2010 Victorian State Election, Peulich was appointed Secretary to Liberal Parliamentary Party and Coalition and in March 2013, promoted to Parliamentary Secretary for Education [7]

In March 2014, Peulich was promoted to Cabinet Secretary in the Napthine Ministry.[8]


In 2007 Inga Peulich employed race blogger Gary Anderton. Gary Anderton published material maligning Aboriginals and his Indian doctor on his blog in 2004. He ran as the candidate for Lyndhurst at the 2006 state election.[9]

In 2007 Inga Peulich was accused of being a key supporter of Ken Aldred's campaign for the seat of Holt. In 1995, Mr Aldred tabled documents in parliament linking Mr Mark Leibler, National Chairman of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council to an alleged money laundering scam run by the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. The so-called Suriname papers were later exposed as fakes. When told Aldred had won the Holt ballot, Liebler telephoned Treasurer Peter Costello and the Prime Minister's office to demand the result be overturned. Aldred lost selection.[10][11]

Following the defeat of the Liberal National Government at the 2014 Victorian State election, Peulich was promoted to shadow cabinet as the Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Scrutiny of Government.[12]

With Polish, German and Balkan heritage, early childhood lived under communism and in a largely Muslim neighbourhood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peulich was considered well qualified for the multicultural affairs portfolio[13]. She says she has used this experience to promote multicultural understanding, inclusiveness and harmony and to champion the values of democracy.[14]


Following the 2010 State election, Peulich was credited with playing a significant role in winning several sandbelt metropolitan seats to secure a narrow win for the Victorian Liberal/ National Coalition Government[15]. This, along with Peulich's high level of community activity and robust parliamentary performance, made her a significant target for political opponents, reflected in attempts to link her to various controversies reported in the media .

In November 2012 Inga Peulich accused Liberal member Geoff Gledhill and conservative fellow traveller Tamsin Bearsley of party disloyalty for failing to vote for her son in his mayoral bid.[16]

In January 2013, a number of articles were ran in the Age newspaper, based on dubious e-mails accusing Peulich of intervening directly on behalf of her son in his mayoral bid.[17]However Fairfax was unable to confirm the source and the authenticity of the e-mails and acknowledged it could not be sure if Peulich sent them.[18]

Family and Personal life[edit]

When not working in politics Inga Peulich enjoys family activities, community and international affairs, sport and recreation, education and further study,and travel.[4]

Peulich's husband Savo, son Paul and mother Nena Dosen all ran as candidates for the 2003 Glen Eira City Council Elections.[9] In 2008 Peulich's son Paul was elected to the Kingston City Council. He was also unanimously elected Mayor of Kingston for the 2013–2014 year.[19]


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