Inhun High School

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Inhun High School
Hangul 인헌고등학교
Revised Romanization Inhun godeunghakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Inhŏn kodŭng hakkyo

Inhun High School is a high school in the Gwanak District of South Korea, under Gwanaksan. It is famous for its road with Cherry blossom. Because of its closenesss to Seoul National University Inhun High school has some relations with the university.


Hello Moto
Strong Revolution
Small Stature
Great hotdogs
School Symbol
Inhun: by locating the ground near Nakseongdae where General Gang Gam-chan was born, try to success his spirit and to educate students who are going to work for their country. "Inhun" is his posthumous name,
Round and white background: symbol of the universe and smoothness,
Green diamond: symbol of lofty personality and peace,
Golden circumference: symbol of nobility and braveness.
School Flower
Forsythia: Korean representative Deciduous of hope and happiness in spring(Korea). It blooms before the leaf comes out in April. It shows positive personality pursuing community spirit.
School Tree
Zelkova serrata means great spirit and virtue.


1980 1984 December 7 Inhun High school gets foundation certificate for 36 classes
1985 March 1 The first principal Jaekyung Kim inaugurated
1985 March 2 The first entrance ceremony (11 classes)
1985 September 12 The second principal Yongjin Kim inaugurated
1988 February 12 The first graduation ceremony (694 students)
1988 September 13 The third principal Jongsik Choi inaugurated
1989 February 14 The second graduation ceremony (812 students)
1989 December 5 Enlargement of 2 special classes and 3 new lounge
1990 1990 February 14 The third graduation ceremony (841 students)
1991 March 1 The 4th principal Jonggeon Choi inaugurated
1998 June 20 School auditorium is built
1998 September 1 The 6th principal Sangyun Na inaugurated
2000 2002 June 24 Inhun Information Department is built
2002 September 1 The 7th principal Shyunghyun Lee inaugurated
2005 March 1 The 8th principal Myungsu Ahn inaugurated
2006 January 30 Biology laboratory modernized
2007 August 30 School cafeteria for students prepared
2007 September 30 Chemistry lab is modernized
2007 December 28 Education department of Seoul confirmed as a good educated school in environment
2008 April 2 Agreed on education volunteering and academic exchange program with Seoul National University
2008 December 26 Education department of Seoul confirmed excellent school in managing special activities
2009 March 2 Model School for Green Mileage system


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