Inna (Verdal)

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This article is about the river in Verdal, Norway. For other uses, see Inna (disambiguation).
Country Norway
Region Trøndelag
Municipality Verdal
 - left Trongdøla, Tverråa
 - right Kverna
City Vuku
Source Innsvatnet
 - location Verdal, Norway
 - elevation 415 m (1,362 ft)
 - coordinates 63°39′28″N 12°11′57″E / 63.65778°N 12.19917°E / 63.65778; 12.19917
Mouth Verdalselva
 - location Vuku, Verdal, Norway
 - elevation 41 m (135 ft)
 - coordinates 63°46′34″N 11°44′21″E / 63.77611°N 11.73917°E / 63.77611; 11.73917Coordinates: 63°46′34″N 11°44′21″E / 63.77611°N 11.73917°E / 63.77611; 11.73917
Length 30 km (19 mi)

Inna is a river that flows through the municipality of Verdal in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The river begins in the east at the lake Innsvatnet, located near the border to Sweden, and it runs west to Vuku at the confluence of the rivers Inna and Helgåa, which together become the river Verdalselva. The river Inna runs through the Inndalen valley, through the villages of Sul, Garnes, Holmen, and ends at Vuku.[1]


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