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Integromics SL
Private company
Industry Biotechnology
Founded 2002
Founder Jose Maria Carazo, Alberto D. Pascual, Vicente Rodriguez
Headquarters Granada, Madrid, Madison (WI), Spain, USA

Integromics is a global bioinformatics company headquartered in Granada, Spain, with a second office in Madrid and subsidiaries in the US and UK and distributors in 10 countries.[citation needed] Integromics S.L. provides bioinformatics software for data management and data analysis in genomics and proteomics. The company provides a line of products that serve the gene expression, sequencing and proteomics markets. Customers include genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, clinical research organizations and biotechnology companies.


Integromics operates in the global Life Science market and has an established a network of collaborations with international technology providers such as Applied Biosystems, Ingenuity and Spotfire, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Integromics has key scientific collaborations with main research institutions and companies.

  • RESOLVE. Resolve chronic inflammation and achieve healthy ageing by understanding non-regenerative repair[9][10]
  • LIPIDOMIC NET. Lipid droplets as dynamic organelles of the fat deposition and release: translational research towards human disease. It is managed within the EU FP7, in close collaboration with LIPID MAPS[11] and Lipid Bank.[12][13][14]
  • PROACTIVE. High throughput proteomics systems for accelerated profiling of putative plasma biomarkers.[15][16]
  • ProteomeXchange. Coordination action to establish proteomics standards. Coordinated by the European Bioinformatics Institute[17][18]
  • IRIS. Integrated computational environment for high throughput RNA Interference Screening. Coordinated by Integromics.[19]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • 2007 - Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation of the Year Award. Integromics, S.L., has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its outstanding achievements in the Bioinformatics market in Europe.[20]
  • 2007 - Emprendedor XXI Innovation Award. This award is one of the most prestigious symbols of recognition that a company in the process of expansion can achieve.[21]
  • 2010 - Accésit of Premio Sello Innovación Award. This award recognizes the excellence in knowledge transference R&D organizations and enterprises.
  • 2011 - "Best Trajectory of a Technology-Based Innovative Enterprise (EIBT) 2011" Award. Integromics receives the EIBT national award for the company’s renowned performance as an innovative technology-based company.
  • 2012 - Award of the Tech Media Europe 2012[22] & ICT Finance MarketPlace. Integromics was identified as one of the most promising innovating ICT SMEs across Europe.


  • 2002 Integromics founded. Integromics was founded as a spin-off of the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB / CSIC) in Spain and the University of Malaga. Principal founder Dr Jose Maria Carazo was motivated by a clear market need to develop new computational methods for analyzing data, with the company’s first product addressing the needs of the microarray data analysis market.
  • 2007 Integromics partners with Applied Biosystems
  • 2007 Integromics Inc. Establishes US Office at Philadelphia Science Center
  • 2008 Integromics partners with TIBCO Spotfire to develop Integromics Biomarker Discovery
  • 2009 Integromics partners with Ingenuity to offer integration for Comprehensive Genomics Analysis
  • 2009 Integromics forms part of the PROACTIVE consortium to develop a unique high throughput plasma biomarker research platform
  • 2009 Integromics releases its first proteomics product
  • 2009 Integromics received a venture investment of 1M€ from I + D Unifondo.
  • 2010 Integromics and TATAA Biocenter collaborate to offer comprehensive qPCR data analysis
  • 2010 Integromics releases its first Next Generation Sequencing Analysis product
  • 2010 Integromics´ publication in Nature describes new class of gene-termini-associated human RNAs suggests a novel RNA copying mechanism, achieved using Integromics SeqSolve™ Next Generation Sequencing software[23][24][25]
  • 2011 Integromics and Ingenuity expand their co-operation with the integration of a fourth Integromics product to Ingenuity's IPA
  • 2011 Integromics launches OmicsHub Proteomics 2.0., a data management and analysis tool for mass spectrometry laboratories and core facilities
  • 2011 Integromics´publication in Mol Cell Proteomics describes Multiplexed homogeneous proximity ligation assays for high-throughput protein biomarker research in serological material.[26]
  • 2011 Integromics´ publication in Cell describes novel polyadenylation genome-wide profiling, achieved using Integromics SeqSolve™ Next Generation Sequencing software[27]
  • 2012 Integromics partners with FPGMX to develop low-cost methods for clinical genomics[28]
  • 2012 Tibco Spotfire Certifies Integromics as its Sole Partner in the Fields of Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
  • 2012 Integromics Launches OmicsOffice Platform, a total solution that provides a streamlined and common analysis environment to analyse results from different genomics technologies and the analytical tools to compare and achieve a higher level of results using these combinations
  • 2013 Integromics Partners with PerkinElmer for the Exclusive Worldwide Distributorship of New OmicsOffice Genomics Software From Integromics
  • 2013 Integromics partners with the Celgene Institute for Translational Research Europe (CITRE) and the Centre of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT) to implement the SANSCRIPT project
  • 2013 Integromics Establishes a Key Collaboration with European HPC Experts to Develop New Big-data Computing Solutions for Genomics

Products and services[edit]


SeqSolve® is a software solution for the tertiary analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.[29]

RealTime StatMiner[edit]

RealTime StatMiner® is a Step-by-Step Guide for RT-qPCR data analysis. RealTime StatMiner is available as a standalone as well as a TIBCO Spotfire compatible application. Co-developed with Applied Biosystems.[30]

Integromics Biomarker Discovery[edit]

Integromics Biomarker Discovery® (IBD) for microarray gene expression data analysis guides the user throughout a step-by-step workflow.[31]

OmicsHub Proteomics[edit]

OmicsHub® Proteomics is a platform for the central management and analysis of data in proteomics labs.[32]

Click And Go technology[edit]

Click And Go® technology enables the automatic processing of the data along with a quality control system to prevent experimental biases.

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