Intel Parallel Inspector

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Parallel Inspector
Developer(s) Intel Developer Products
Stable release XE 2015 Update 1 / October 29, 2014; 8 months ago (2014-10-29)[1]
Operating system Windows and Linux
Type Profiler / Memory debugger
License Proprietary commercial (single user)

Intel Parallel Inspector adds memory and thread checking into Microsoft Visual Studio. Parallel Inspector helps increase the reliability, security, and accuracy of C/C++ applications.

  • Reliability: Find deadlocks and memory errors that cause lockups & crashes
  • Security: Find memory and threading vulnerabilities used by hackers
  • Accuracy: Identify memory corruption and race conditions to eliminate erroneous results

Memory checking includes memory leaks, dangling pointers, uninitialized variables, use of invalid memory references, mismatched memory, allocation and deallocation, stack memory checks, and stack trace with controllable stack trace depth

Thread checking includes race conditions, deadlocks, depth configurable call stack analysis, diagnostic guidance, built-in knowledge of Threading Building Blocks (TBB), OpenMP, and Windows threads.

It is available as part of Intel Parallel Studio or as a standalone product.

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