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The Interact Home Computer was a rare and very early (1979) American home computer made by Interact Co. of Ann Arbor MI.[1] It sold under the name "interact home computer". Only a few thousand were sold before the company went bankrupt. Most were sold by the liquidator Protecto Enterprizes of Barrington, IL through mail order. Later on the design was sold to a French company, and re-branded as the "Victor Lambda" for the French market.

Technical specifications[edit]

  • CPU: intel i8080, 2.0 MHz
  • Memory: 8K RAM, expandable to 16K RAM; 2K ROM
  • Keyboard: 53-key chiclet
  • Display: 17x12 text 8 colors, 112x78 graphics, 4 colors
  • Sound: One voice, 4 octaves
  • Ports: Television, 2 joysticks
  • Built in cassette recorder (1200 Bps)
  • PSU: External AC transformer
  • 1980 price $300,-


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