International Red Cross Committee of Nanking

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During the Japanese-led Nanking Massacre, the International Red Cross established a contingent in the city to coordinate the humanitarian aid effort.


The International Red Cross Committee of Nanking
Name Nationality / Occupation Organization
John Magee American missionary American Church Mission
Li Chuin-nan Chinese
Walter Lowe Chinese
Ernest Forster American missionary St. Paul Church
Christian Kröger German
Mary Twinem Chinese-American
Minnie Vautrin American missionary Ginling Girls' College
Robert O. Wilson American physician Drum Tower Hospital (Nanking University Hospital)
P. H. Munro-Faure British businessman Asiatic Petroleum Co.
C.S. Trimmer American physician Drum Tower Hospital (Nanking University Hospital)
James McCallum American missionary Drum Tower Hospital (Nanking University Hospital)
Miner Searle Bates American professor University of Nanking
John Rabe German businessman Siemens Co.
Lewis S. C. Smythe American professor University of Nanking
Rev. W. Plumer Mills American missionary American Church Mission
Cola Podshivoloff Russian (White)
Pastor Shen Yu-shu Chinese Christian minister


Below is listed their responsibilities, and/or their mini-biographies if known and not already linked above:

John Magee[edit]

John Magee was an Episcopalian minister and the Red Cross chairman of the Nanking Branch. In his role with the Red Cross, he provided care to the hospitalized wounded, but is also known for filming what he saw on the streets of Nanking, providing documentary evidence to the world.

Minnie Vautrin[edit]

Through Minnie Vautrin's efforts, Ginling Girls College became a haven of refuge, at times harboring up to 10,000 women in a college designed to support between 200 and 300. With only her wits and the use of an American flag, Vautrin was able to repel incursions into her college and thereby protected thousands of Chinese women from being raped as she oversaw the refugee camp at Ginling Women's Arts and Science College where she served as the acting president.

James McCallum[edit]

James McCallum drove the Drum Tower Hospital ambulance to pick up wounded around the city day and night, fighting to keep himself awake.

Grace Bauer[edit]

Grace Bauer worked in the Drum Tower Hospital to help care for the wounded who poured in.

Mary Twinem[edit]

Mary Twinem, née Fine (費馬利), or Mrs. Paul de Witt-Twinem, taught at Kwang-hwa High School, where she was one of Soong Mei-ling's teacher. An American from Trenton, New Jersey, she was later naturalized as a Chinese citizen and considered herself Chinese. [1] [2]


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