Internet Party (Spain)

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Internet Party

Partido de Internet
PresidentJose Eiras Vila
Secretary-GeneralNaiara Izcue Chourrat
FounderHector Perez Arenas
HeadquartersAvenida de Francia nº 1, T3-14D, Valencia
IdeologyElectronic direct democracy

The Internet Party (Partido de Internet in Spanish) is a political party founded in November 22, 2009 in Spain that tries to develop a liquid democracy system within the current legal system. The Internet Party has no ideology. They support an open list system where the elected members act representing the decisions taken by citizens in the Internet platform.[citation needed]

During the Spanish general election 2011, the Internet Party presented 8 candidates in the electoral district of Cádiz and received 603 votes (0.09%).[2]

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