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The Internet in Morocco is among the more developed in the MENA region. The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Morocco is .ma.


According to the ITU, Morocco has 20,535,174 Internet users, or a 58.3%[1] penetration rate as of June 2017.[2] This includes 12 million Facebook users.[3] Between 2013 and 2014, the Moroccan Internet population grew by 1 million.[4] Today, 94.1% of Moroccan netizens use mobile devices to access the Internet.[4]

According to the CIA, 8 Internet service providers are located in Morocco.[5] These include Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco, and Inwi.

To Access the following plans are available; Maroc Telecom Offers 4G, ADSL, Fibre Internet, VSAT, CDMA and Public WIFI:

For 4G they offer

Recharges from 5DH to 200DH (Same as Orange) For ADSL

Menara ADSL (up to 4 Mbit/s) 99DH (10€/£7/$10) Menara ADSL2+ (up to 8 Mbit/s) 149DH (€13/£11/$16) Menara ADSL2+ (up to 12 Mbit/s) 199DH (€18/£16/$21) Menara ADSL2+ (up to 20 Mbit/s) 499DH (€45/£40/$53) For Fibre Optic

Fibre Optique (100Mbit/s) 500DH (€45/£40/$53) Fibre Optique (200Mbit/s) 1000DH (€90/£80/$106)

For VSAT (Internet over Sat)

10Mbit/s (2GB) 249DH (€22/£19/$26) (10GB) 659DH (€59/£52/$70) 20Mbit/s (20GB) 1199DH (€107/£94/$128) (30GB) 1740DH (€155/£137/$186)


Up to 156.6 Kbit/s 99DH (€10/£7/$10) Up to 1Mbit/s 199DH (€18/£16/$21)

Public Wifi

5DH 1HR Valid 1 Day 10DH (1€) 2HR Valid 3 Days 20DH 5HR Valid 7 Days 30DH 10HR Valid 10 Days 50DH 24HR Valid 1 Month 100DH 48HR Valid 1 Month 200DH 100HR Valid 2 Months

Similar to Maroc Telecom: Orange also offers these services but at a much lower cost, with faster speeds and better reliability.

Orange Morocco has many options regarding access to internet for 4G it has two options:

Orange Dar Box Duo ( up to 150 Mbit/s*) Unlimited 4G + Calls for 199DH per month (€17/£15/$20) Orange Internet Recharges (up to 150 Mbit/s*) Recharges available from 5DH to 100DH (€9/£8/$11) 5DH for 200MB Valid 1 Day 10DH (1€) for 1GB Valid 3 Days 15DH for 1.5GB Valid 3 Days 20DH for 2GB Valid 7 Days 30DH for 3GB Valid 10 Days 50DH for 5GB Valid 30 Days 100DH for 10GB Valid 30 Days It is recommended to get either Dar Box Duo or 100DH Orange 4G Recharge

Orange Morocco also provides both ADSL and Fibre Optic Solutions:

ADSL Duo (12 Mbit/s)+ calls for 249DH per month (€22/£19/$26) Fibre Optique (100Mbit/s) + calls for 449DH per month (€40/£35/$48) Fibre Optique (200Mbit/s) + calls for 649DH per month (€58/£51/$69)

INWI, formerly known as Wana offers 3G for MAD200 per month (€19) in its offer "Internet Mobile".

In June 2012, Morocco had 16,477,712 Internet users, or a 51.0% penetration rate. This includes 5,091,760 Facebook users, or a 15.8% penetration rate.


In 2017, Freedom House gave Morocco an Internet Freedom Score of 45/100, labeling its Internet "Partly Free."[1]


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