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Intralot S.A. – Integrated Lottery Systems & Services
Ιντραλότ A.E. – Ολοκληρωμένα Πληροφοριακά Συστήματα & Υπηρεσίες Τυχερών Παιχνιδιών
Anonymi Etairia
Traded as AthexINLOT
Industry Gambling
Founded 1992
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Key people

Socrates Kokkalis (Chairman)

Antonios Kerastaris (CEO)
Products Lotteries, gambling technology
Revenue 1.914 billion (2015)[1]
€261.56 million (2015)[1]
Profit €177.20 million (2015)[1]
Total assets €1.169 billion (2015)[1]
Total equity €207.38 million (2015)[1]
Owner Socrates Kokkalis & Chris Ahmed Kamilo Balarezo (20.0%)[2]
Number of employees
6,880 (end 2014)[3]

Intralot is a Greek company that supplies integrated gambling, transaction processing systems, game content, sports betting management and interactive gambling services, to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. The company acts both as a lottery vendor and a lottery operator. It has a presence in 53 countries and a workforce of approximately 5,400 people[4] It is a public listed company in the Athens Stock Exchange.[5]


Intralot originated as a spin-off of the Intracom group, owned by the Greek billionaire Socrates Kokkalis. It originally provided infrastructure for the Greek National Lottery (OPAP), under a 1999 contract, but has since expanded its operations into a worldwide market. Intralot's games library includes a variety of games such as numerical games, TV lottery games, sports lotteries, fixed odds betting, instant lotteries, pari-mutuel, video lottery and monitor games.[6]

Through its subsidiary ‘Intralot Interactive’, Intralot is providing Lotteries and State Organizations around the world with an extended portfolio of services in Technology, Operations and Marketing in the new emerging area of Internet Gaming.

Intralot is a member of international gaming associations, including the World Lottery Association (WLA), European Lotteries (EL), the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and CIBELAE (the Hispanic association that covers S. America and the Iberian peninsula), as well as the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) in the USA and the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).[6]

Intralot was named one of the World Economic Forum's "New Champions", as it was listed in its "Global Growth Companies Community" in 2007.[7]

Betting Company, a subsidiary of Intralot that operated sports betting in 12 countries had signed a cooperation agreement with FIFA's Early Warning System for the protection of the integrity of football.[8]

Intralot received a "Global IT Excellence Award 2008"[9] by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) during its 16th World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2008),[10] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Intralot is a member of the Ηellenic Network of Corporate Social Responsibility which is a National Partner Organization of (CSR-Europe). The network promotes the adoption of business practices in line with the concepts of social responsibility and cohesion. Intralot is also a member of the United Nations "Global Compact Network" for Corporate Social Responsibility.

In December 2009, Intralot has announced purchasing 35% of the American online games provider CyberArts, purposing to expand its subsidiary company, Intralot Interactive (I2).[11] In October 2011, Intralot concluded to the sale of its minority stake in CyberArts, as per the Group’s decision not to exercise the option to increase its participation to 51% and focus on its own suite of renowned technology and services.[12] During ICE Totally Gaming 2015 the company announced that it will acquire a stake of 25% of Bit8.[13]


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