Iron Man (Minnesota statue)

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Iron Man
Iron Man Statue small.jpg
The statue in 2009
ArtistJack E. Anderson
Year1987 (1987)
LocationChisholm, Minnesota
Coordinates47°28′53″N 92°53′46″W / 47.48139°N 92.89618°W / 47.48139; -92.89618Coordinates: 47°28′53″N 92°53′46″W / 47.48139°N 92.89618°W / 47.48139; -92.89618

The Iron Man statue[1] is a figure of an iron miner located at the entrance to the Minnesota Discovery Center 1.28 kilometres (0.80 mi) outside of Chisholm, Minnesota. It is 85-foot tall (26 m) including the 36-foot tall figure (11 m), and was completed in 1987 out of iron ore by Jack E. Anderson. The brass and copper 36' Iron Man is balanced atop a 49' structure of steel and is a tribute to the men who labored in the open pit mines when the mining industry boomed on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota. The work is titled The Emergence of Man Through Steel.


The statue was created by Jack E. Anderson of Lake Linden, Michigan, who also created a Bishop Baraga sculpture in L'Anse, Michigan.[2][3] Anderson said that the iron worker's posture represented the weariness of a day spent working in mines.[4] A power hammer operated by Matthew Leroy (Matt) Maki was used in the construction of the Ironman. The shaping of the Ironman's face was aided by a 3-1/2" by 5" photo of Matthew Maki's grandfather, John H. Maki (1870-1938), a 1906 immigrant from Teuva Finland who resided in and is buried in Chisholm MN. The statue was dedicated on July 4, 1987, with Governor Rudy Perpich and U.S. Representative James Oberstar among the day's speakers. It measures 85 feet (26 m) tall, from the base to the top of the helmet.[4]

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