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Ironhorse was a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, formed by the former The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive member, Randy Bachman along with Tom Sparks (vocals, guitars), Chris Leighton (drums) and Ron Foos (bass).

They had a minor U.S. hit single in April 1979 with "Sweet Lui-Louise", which peaked at #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In Canada, the song peaked slightly higher at #26. The same track reached #60 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] Ironhorse released two albums on the Scotti Brothers label: 1979's Ironhorse and 1980's Everything is Grey. The second release had Frank Ludwig (ex-Trooper) replacing Sparks. One of its singles, "What's Your Hurry Darlin'," peaked at #84 in Canada. In the U.S., the song peaked at #89 in May 1980.[2]

Foos left to rejoin Paul Revere and the Raiders. In 1980, Ironhorse evolved into Union with the addition of Bachman's former BTO bandmate Fred Turner. Union put out one album On Strike on the CBS subsidiary Portrait Records. As of May, 2013, Randy Bachman has been able to secure the rights to the two Ironhorse albums and plans on releasing them along with previously unreleased material in the next couple years. Bachman also has stated he is considering reuniting the band and doing a tour to support the new album.


Ironhorse - Scotti Brothers (1979)[edit]

"Ironhorse" LP cover

Track listing[edit]

  1. "One and Only" (Randy Bachman) - 3:32
  2. "Sweet Lui-Louise" (Randy Bachman) - 3:11
  3. "Jump Back in the Light" (Randy Bachman) - 3:11
  4. "You Gotta Let Go" (Randy Bachman) - 4:00
  5. "Tumbleweed" (Randy Bachman) - 3:19
  6. "Stateline Blues" (Tom Sparks) - 3:47
  7. "Watch Me Fly" (Tom Sparks) - 3:41
  8. "Old Fashioned" (Randy Bachman) - dedicated to Slowhand - 3:10
  9. "She's Got It" (Tom Sparks) - 3:12
  10. "There Ain't No Cure" (Randy Bachman) - 3:57


Everything is Grey - Scotti Brothers (1980)[edit]

"Everything is Grey" LP cover

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What's Your Hurry Darlin'" (Randy Bachman, Carl Wilson) - 4:28
  2. "Everything is Grey" (Randy Bachman) - 4:09
  3. "Symphony" (Randy Bachman, Tom Sparks) - 3:24
  4. "Only Way To Fly" (Frank Ludwig) - 3:56
  5. "Try A Little Harder" (Randy Bachman, Frank Ludwig) - 3:30
  6. "I'm Hurtin' Inside" (Randy Bachman) - 3:59
  7. "Playin' That Same Old Song" (Randy Bachman, Frank Ludwig) - 3:50
  8. "Railroad Love" (Randy Bachman) - 3:40
  9. "Somewhere, Sometime" (Randy Bachman, Frank Ludwig) - 3:55
  10. "Keep Your Motor Running" (Randy Bachman) - 3:44


  • Frank Ludwig - lead vocals, keyboards
  • Randy Bachman - vocals, guitars
  • Ron Foos - bass
  • Chris Leighton - drums
  • Tom Sparks - backup vocals and guitar

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