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Department of the Treasury
Department overview
Formed 1986
Preceding Department
  • Finance Board
Jurisdiction Isle of Man
Headquarters Government Office, Buck's Road, Douglas, Isle of Man
Employees 339
Annual budget GBP 18.9m for 2011-2012
Minister responsible
Department executive
  • Sheila Lowe, Chief Financial Officer
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The Treasury (LSE41OY); (LSE57QI); (Manx: Yn Tashtey) of the Isle of Man is the finance department of the Isle of Man Government. It prepares the annual budget for the Government,[1] and also handles taxation, customs and excise, economic affairs, information systems, internal audit, currency and the census in the Isle of Man.

The Minister for the Treasury is Alfred Cannan MHK.


The Finance Board was established in 1962, although the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man functioned as Chancellor of the Exchequer and gave the budget speech in Tynwald until the 1970s.

In 1986 the Finance Board was abolished and its functions transferred to the Treasury as part of the reorganisation of the Isle of Man Government on a ministerial basis.


  • Budget
  • Taxation
  • National Insurance
  • Investments and Banking
  • Economic Advice and Statistical Analysis
  • Capital Projects Unit
  • Internal Audit
  • Pay and Payments
  • Insolvency Office
  • Rates
  • Valuations

Non Governmental Agencies reporting to Treasury[edit]

Ministers for the Treasury[edit]

Chairmen of the Finance Board[edit]


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