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It's Academic title
Quizmaster Lockwood Smith

It's Academic was a general knowledge quiz show for high school students in New Zealand, broadcast by TVNZ in the 1980s.[1] It's Academic was hosted by Lockwood Smith, who later became a member of the New Zealand Parliament, eventually serving as its speaker. The show was produced and directed by Kevan Moore[1] (creator of Mortimer's Patch[2]) with Patrick Macaskill as adjudicator.[1]

School teams of three pupils competed for digital watches, handheld calculators and sets of the Encyclopædia Britannica for their school.[1] The quiz followed the format of its long-running American counterpart.[1] The theme tune, 'Piano Parchment', was written as library music in 1968 by Johnny Pearson[3] and was well known in New Zealand living rooms about the same time as the theme for BBC drama series All Creatures Great and Small.

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