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This is a list of Italian Ministers of Economy and Finance since the Ministry of Economy and Finance's creation in 2001 by the fusion of three former ministries, the Ministry of Treasury, the Ministry of Budget and the Ministry of Finance.[1]

List of Ministers of Finance, Treasury and Budget (1946–2001)[edit]

List of Ministers of Economy and Finance (2001–present)[edit]


  Forza Italia/The People of Freedom   Democratic Party   Independent


  Centre-right coalition   Centre-left coalition   Populist coalition   Mixed coalition

Portrait Term of office Political Party Government
Giulio Tremonti
Giulio Tremonti 2.jpg 11 June 2001 3 July 2004 Forza Italia Berlusconi II
Domenico Siniscalco
Domenico Siniscalco.jpg 16 July 2004 22 September 2005 Independent Berlusconi II·III
Giulio Tremonti
Giulio Tremonti 2.jpg 22 September 2005 8 May 2006 Forza Italia Berlusconi iII
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa
Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso (IMF portrait, 2008).jpg 17 May 2006 8 May 2008 Independent Prodi II
Giulio Tremonti
Giulio Tremonti 2.jpg 8 May 2008 16 November 2011 The People of Freedom Berlusconi IV
Mario Monti
Mario Monti - Terre alte 2013.JPG 16 November 2011 11 July 2012 Independent Monti
Vittorio Grilli
Vittorio Grilli crop.jpeg 11 July 2012 28 April 2013 Independent
Fabrizio Saccomanni
Fabrizio Saccomanni.jpg 28 April 2013 24 February 2014 Independent Letta
Pier Carlo Padoan
Pier Carlo Padoan crop.jpg 24 February 2014 1 June 2018 Independent/
Democratic Party
Giovanni Tria
(1948– )
Giovanni Tria Minister.jpg 1 June 2018 5 September 2019 Independent Conte I
Roberto Gualtieri
Roberto Gualtieri 2017.jpg 5 September 2019 Incumbent Democratic Party Conte II


Roberto GualtieriGiovanni TriaPier Carlo PadoanFabrizio SaccomanniVittorio GrilliMario MontiGiulio TremontiTommaso Padoa SchioppaGiulio TremontiDomenico SiniscalcoGiulio Tremonti

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