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Itkohwa is one of the villages under Block-Madanpur, Aurangabad district, Bihar, India. The village is bounded by Bijuliya and Basant. Gaya is its nearest largest city and the neighboring district headquarters. It is covered with lush greenery and mountains.


It is a very old village; the very precise history is yet to be found out for this place but as per the common belief it was a sati-asthal earlier, but during Raja Ram Mohan Roy-led reforms and initiatives of Lord William Bentinck it was completely abolished.


  • Headquarters: Chowk (villagers take all the important decisions here while having discussions on several topics)
  • Area: Total 5,000 m2
  • Rural Population : 100%
  • Population: Total: 200–250
  • Religion: Muslim (90%), Hindu (10%); they celebrate all the festivals in brotherhood
  • Agriculture: wheat, potato, rice, seasonal vegetables
  • Temperature: minimum 4 °C, maximum 42 °C
  • Location of Itkohwa In Bihar
  • State Bihar, India
  • Administrative division Magadh
  • Headquarters Aurangabad, India
  • Literacy rate 80%[citation needed]
  • Lok Sabha Constituencies Aurangabad
  • Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Rafiganj
  • Major highways NH 2
  • 24°44'6.58"N, 84°37'40.54"