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Logo of Ito-Yokado
An Ito-Yokado store in Okayama, January 2010

Ito-Yokado (株式会社イトーヨーカ堂, Kabushiki-gaisha Itō Yōkadō) is a Japanese general merchandise store, part of Seven & I Holdings Co. As of March 2013, there are 178 Ito-Yokado stores operating in Japan.[1] Since entering the Chinese market in 1997, opening their first store in the Chunxilu shopping district of Chengdu, the company operates eight stores in Beijing and six in Chengdu.[2] The company formed a joint venture with Wangfujing Department Store and China Huafu Trade & Development Group Corp. to open one of five stores in Beijing. As of January 2013, there are fourteen stores in China.[3]


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