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Iulla Antonia or Julia Antonia, is thought to be a daughter of Roman consul of 10 BCE Iullus Antonius and Claudia Marcella Major. Her brother was Lucius Antonius. Her maternal half-siblings were Vipsania Marcella and Appuleia Varilla. The only evidence of her existence is a funerary urn.[1] It is possible she was the sister or the daughter of Lucius Antonius (or neither).

Iulla’s maternal grandparents were Octavia Minor (second elder sister,and full sister to Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus) and her first husband, the Roman consul Gaius Claudius Marcellus Minor. Her paternal grandparents were Fulvia and the Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. Through her paternal grandmother, she was a descendant of the Roman politician Gaius Gracchus and the Roman General Scipio Africanus Major who defeated Hannibal.

Iulla was born in Rome, after 19 BC and was raised there. In 2 BC, her father was executed by her great-uncle, because he had an affair with Augustus’ daughter Julia the Elder.


  1. ^ CIL 6.11959. She must have survived infancy if a freedman set up an inscription about her. Those who follow Groag, PIR 2, I, A 801, p. 154, and imagine a son named Iullus Antonius the Younger are mistaken. PIR 2, I, A 801, p. 154, reads: M Antoni Iuli patris L Rufionis. In fact, as the editors of CIL insist, the deceased is not a relation of the Triumvir. The CIL editors Bormann, Henzen, and Hvelsen wrote Iullus vix est filius notissimus triumviri. Groag misread CIL 2 6.12010, cf. 34051. The inscription is an entirely different family.