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Ivana Chubbuck
Born Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Occupation Acting coach, author
Spouse(s) Lyndon Chubbuck
Website http://www.ivanachubbuck.com

Ivana Chubbuck is an acting coach and author. She is the founder and director of the Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

Early life[edit]

Chubbuck was born in Detroit, Michigan.


Chubbuck's students have included Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Terry Farrell, Judith Light, Jared Leto, Terrence Howard, Elisabeth Shue, Catherine Keener, Travis Fimmel, Djimon Honsou, America Ferrera, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth, Ian Somerhalder, Jim Carrey, Jessica Alba, Radha Mitchell, Carrie-Anne Moss, Garry Shandling, Jessica Biel, Amy Brenneman, Kate Walsh, Amy Smart, Marcia Cross, David Spade, Kat Graham, Matthew Perry, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Ali Larter, and Beyoncé Knowles.[1]

Her book, The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique,[2] is described as "the 12-step acting technique that will take you from script to a living, breathing, dynamic character". The book has been adopted for use as a textbook in many colleges and universities around the world, and has been translated into languages such as Chinese, Danish, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish. Chubbuck has taught at The Juilliard School of Drama in New York, and has held seminars and workshops in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, and the Philippines. In Germany Ivana Chubbuck works and teaches together with the German actor Sebastian Gerold. He is the only accredited teacher of the "Chubbuck technique" in Germany. Together with C. Hermann Wolf I. he is working on the German version of Chubbuck's book The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique.

Chubbuck was honored by The Russian International Film Festival (she is of Russian descent) with a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the film industry alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, William Friedkin, and Francis Ford Coppola. She has been featured in numerous articles in such national publications as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, People, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Premiere, The London Times, The London Guardian, Hollywood Reporter, New York Post, Politiken, and Movieline. She has also been profiled on television shows and stations such as Entertainment Tonight, Today Show Australia, KTLA Morning show, Aloha, Jensen!, CBC, NPR, RTL, Russia Today, VH1, E!, and BBC.

Personal life[edit]

Chubbuck is married to director Lyndon Chubbuck. She teaches at her own studio in Los Angeles.

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