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Kronstad Hovedgård

Jørgen Thormøhlen (c 1640 – 25 December 1708) was a Norwegian merchant, slave trader and industrialist. [1]


Thormøhlen was born in the Duchy of Holstein, at that time a hereditary possession of the King of Denmark as Duke of Holstein-Glückstadt. He was the son of a wine trader from the city of Hamburg named Jürgen ther Möhlen (c. 1615-1645). In 1664, he settled in Bergen, where he married Giertrud Magers. She was the daughter of naturalized citizen Hendrich Magers, who was regarded as the wealthiest merchant in Bergen. [2]

Thormøhlen became the largest ship owner in Norway, traded fish from Northern Norway and was involved in a number of other businesses. He made his fortune through international trade, shipping and industry. He also developed an industrial site located at Møhlenpris. The property included a salt refinery, packing sheds, deep-water harbor, and workers' homes. In 1682, King Christian V of Denmark proclaimed him trade director (kommersedirektør). in 1695, he received royal permission to issue banknotes supported by a loan from King Christian V. From 1685-1693, Kronstad Hovedgård manor house belonged to Jørgen Thormøhlen. It is located in the borough of Årstad on the south shore of the bay of Store Lungegårdsvannet south of Bergen. However heavy losses on colonial trade and the Great Fire of 1702 at Bryggen created difficulties and he went bankrupt.[3][4] [5][6]

Personal life[edit]

He was married to Giertrud Magers (1644-1719) daughter of Hendrich Magers (ca 1610-1671) and Mægtele Lorentzen. They were the parents of a number of children. Thormøhlen was the great-grandfather of Bergen City Manager Claus Fasting (1746–1791).[7]


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