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J. Bhagyalakshmi is an Indian journalist, poet, and novelist.

Bhagyalakshmi studied English Literature and trained in mass communication. She also obtained diplomas in Energo-Cybernatic Strategy Advance Management, Public relations and Book publishing Under Commonwealth Programme she completed a course in Publications and Design at COI, London. She also visited Bangladesh and Japan to study Rural development under the aegis of SAARC and Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation.

Formerly of Indian Information Services, she held various media positions including Director (Media), (Ministry of Rural Development, and Chief Editor Yojana,[1] (a magazine which is brought out in 13 languages). She taught at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and headed the Department of Publications. She was Editor Communicator (IIMC),[2] and also worked for Indian and Foreign Review (Ministry of External Affairs). As Editor, Publications Division she edited a number of books on varied themes.[3] In the beginning of her career she worked with the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity and with Union Public Service Commission as Research Officer.

J. Bhagyalakshmi who made a mark as a bilingual writer has over 45 publications to her credit. Her work appeared in Triveni,[4] and Vidura.[5]


  • Ivy Compton-Burnett and Her Art, Mittal Publications, 1986
  • Capital witness: selected writings of G.K. Reddy Allied, 1991, ISBN 978-81-7023-316-9
  • Happiness Unbound, Konark Publ., 1999, ISBN 978-81-220-0536-3
  • A Knock at the Door, Konark Publishers, 2004, ISBN 978-81-220-0685-8
  • When Fortune Smiled (all collections of poems)
  • Kadedi Kavitakanarham: Maromajili and Maadee Swatantra Desam, Viśālāndhra Pabliṣiṅg Haus, 1987, (Telugu short stories)
  • Ravindra geetalu (Gitanjali & The Crescent Noon in Telugu)
  • Kathabharati (Hindi Short stories in Telugu)
  • Living with Honour (Shiv Khera's book in Telugu)
  • The Mind of Mahatma (Telugu)
  • Human Rights (Telugu)
  • I Will Not Let Time Sleep (N. Gopi's poems in English)
  • Dew Drops (Vemuri Balaram's work in English)
  • Abdul Kalam Kavitalu (Telugu translation of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's Poetry).
  • That's OK: Tammanna and Other Reveries, Alokparva Prakashan, 2007, ISBN 978-81-87416-65-4 is her collection of newspaper columns in English.


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