JVC Force

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JVC Force
OriginIslip, Long Island, New York
GenresEast Coast hip hop
Years active1987-1993
LabelsB-Boy, Warlock
Associated actsBoogie Down Productions
MembersAJ Rok
DJ Curt Cazal

JVC Force is an American hip hop group from Islip, New York. The group consists of MCs AJ Rok & B-Luv, and DJ Curt Cazal. They are probably best known for their hit single "Strong Island", which became an underground hit in the 80's.[1]

JVC Force is an acronym which stands for (Justified by Virtue of Creativity for All Reasons Concerning Entertainment).[2] The acronym was supposed to reduce the risk of legal action from electronics firm JVC.[3]

They were signed by B-Boy records in 1987[4] and released "Doin' Damage" in 1988. After "Force Field" was released in 1990 on Warlock records, the group disappeared from the music scene, leaving the third album unreleased.[4] This last album supposedly has vocal tracks recorded, but it is unknown where they may reside. Last.Fm says they have them.[5]


  • Doin' Damage (1988)
  • Force Field (1990)
  • Unnamed Unreleased Album


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