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Port of Jablanac

Jablanac is a village in Lika-Senj County, Croatia, located on the Adriatic Sea underneath the Velebit mountain, overlooking the island of Rab. The village used to have a ferry port that connected it to Rab, but that moved up the coast to Stinica in July 2012. The population of Jablanac is 83 (2011)[1] and it is located in the municipality of Senj (which lies to the north).

Local attractions include Zavratnica inlet where you can see a sunken military ferry wreck from WW2 and stunning scenery. Nearby is the Velebit mountain and the Northern Velebit National Park.


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Coordinates: 44°42′24″N 14°53′44″E / 44.7067°N 14.8956°E / 44.7067; 14.8956