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Jack Parow
Jack parow-1438331092.jpg
Personal details
Born Zander Tyler
(1982-02-22)February 22, 1982
Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa
Nationality South African
Spouse(s) Jenna Pietersen
Alma mater Durbanville High School
Known for Being a rapper, associated acts: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Antwoord, Garlic Brown, Bittereinder, Francois Van Coke, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel, Inge Beckmann, P.H.Fat, Haezer, Gazelle, SiboT, JR Label: Parowphernalia, Supra Familias, TopNotch

Zander Tyler, better known by his stage name Jack Parow, is a South African rapper. He is well known for his contribution to the song Die Vraagstuk with Die Heuwels Fantasties[1] and performing with them at the Oppikoppi festival in 2009. He has contributed and collaborated with various other artists such as Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Antwoord and Francois Van Coke.[2]


Parow wanted to be a rapper since he was in primary school, citing Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle as an initial inspiration. Although he started rapping in English, he soon decided that he preferred Afrikaans.[3]

His first hit came with his single Cooler as Ekke, which was promoted by friends in Die Heuwels Fantasties,[4] with whom he later collaborated on their song Die Vraagstuk. He has since released four studio albums and toured around the world.[1]

In 2015 Parow released a biography, Die Ou Met die Snor by die Bar,[5] authored by local artist Theunis Engelbrecht.[6]

in 2016 Parow and his friend Hardus van Deventer shot a nine episode TV series titled Dis Hoe Ons Rol, which aired July to August 2016 on the Kyknet premium TV channel.[7] The filming took place as two legs over 30 days, during which Parow performed in each of South Africa's nine provinces at least once.[8]

In January 2017 Parow launched his own brandy product known as Parow Brandy.[9]

He is currently managed by Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel member, Wynand Myburgh.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Parow has a daughter, Ruby Tyler, born in 2012 to his long-term girlfriend, Jenna Pietersen.[11] Ruby was the inspiration for Parow's 2014 song Dis Befok,[12] and video footage for the 2016 remix of the song was shot by her via a chest-mounted camera.[13]


Jack Parow's first release was the Cooler as ekke EP in December 2009. It was released as a limited edition of 600 USB flash drives in the shape of an ice-cream-cone and featured 10 songs and 6 music videos.

Studio Albums
  • Jack Parow (2009)
  • Eksie Ou (2011)
  • Nag Van Die Lang Pette (2014)
  • Dis Hoe Ons Rol (2016) [14]
Extended Plays
  • Cooler as Ekke EP (2009)
  • From Parow with Love EP (2016)


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