Jack Pesch Bridge

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Jack Pesch Bridge
Jack Pesch Bridge 05.JPG
Coordinates27°30′21″S 152°58′27″E / 27.505826°S 152.974191°E / -27.505826; 152.974191Coordinates: 27°30′21″S 152°58′27″E / 27.505826°S 152.974191°E / -27.505826; 152.974191
CarriesPedestrians, bicycles
CrossesBrisbane River
LocaleBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Official nameJack Pesch Bridge
DesignCable-stayed bridge
Opened2 October 1998

The Jack Pesch Bridge is a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists which crosses the Brisbane River. The bridge is named in honour of Jack Pesch (c. 1917 – 2002), a cycling champion during the 1930s. He subsequently ran a bicycle shop in Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, until the mid-1990s, selling and servicing his own 'Rocket' cycles and cycle parts.

The bridge crosses the Indooroopilly Reach of the River, linking Chelmer and Indooroopilly. It is immediately adjacent to the Albert and Walter Taylor Bridges. It was opened on 2 October 1998 by the Queensland Minister for Transport, Steve Bredhauer, and the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Jim Soorley.

The bridge is for the exclusive use of pedestrians and cyclists.

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