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Jack the Rammer a.k.a. Billy the Rammer was a bushranger in the Monaro District near Cooma in New South Wales during the latter half of 1834.

Born William Roberts, he was a cooper by trade, with a wife and three children, when he was sentenced seven years for stealing a bucket and transported to New South Wales.[1] He arrived in Australia in September 1833, and escaped from his first convict assignment the following year.[1] Placed in Goulburn Jail he met fellow convict Joseph Keys and the pair escaped together.[1]

Roberts and Keys headed for the Monaro District, where they met up with Edward Boyd, and began bushranging.[1] In December 1834, the three "stuck up" the station of Joseph Catterall, badly wounding the station overseer Charles Fisher Shepherd, who, in turn, shot and killed Roberts.[1][2] In January 1835, troopers caught up with Boyd and Keys, and Boyd was killed.[1] Keys was captured and pleaded guilty.[3]


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