Jacques Chazot

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Jacques Chazot

Jacques Chazot, (b. 25 September 1928 in Locmiquélic (Morbihan), d. 12 July 1993 in Monthyon (Seine-et-Marne) was a French dancer and socialite.


He joined Opéra de Paris in 1947 as a dancer. In 1956, he joined Opéra-Comique. The same year, he wroteLes Carnets de Marie-Chantal, creating a character who is the archetype of the snobbish socialite.[1]

He was a very close friend of Françoise Sagan and a companion of Coco Chanel.[citation needed]

He became famous through television, dancing in many television shows of the 1970s. He was at the time one of the few people to appear on television as openly gay.[citation needed]

He had throat cancer. In his last years he lived in a castle of Monthyon, a property in the vicinity of Paris owned by Jean-Claude Brialy.[citation needed]


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