Jacques Dixmier

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Jacques Dixmier
Born 1924 (age 93–94)
Nationality French
Alma mater University of Paris
Known for Dixmier conjecture
Dixmier trace
Awards Prix Ampère (1976)
Leroy P. Steele Prize (1992)
Émile-Picard-Medaille (2001)
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of Paris
Thesis Étude sur les variétés et les opérateurs de Julia avec quelques applications
Doctoral advisor Gaston Julia
Doctoral students Alain Connes
Michel Duflo
Michèle Vergne
Nicole Berline

Jacques Dixmier (born 1924) is a French mathematician. He worked on operator algebras, especially C*-algebras, and wrote several of the standard reference books on them, and introduced the Dixmier trace and the Dixmier mapping.


Dixmier received his Ph.D. in 1949 from the University of Paris, and his students include Alain Connes.[1]

In 1949 upon the initiative of Jean-Pierre Serre and Pierre Samuel, Dixmier became a member of Bourbaki, in which he made essential contributions to the Bourbaki volume on Lie algebras.[2] After retiring as professor emeritus from the University of Paris VI, he spent five years at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques.

Often there is made the erroneous claim that Dixmier originated the name von Neumann algebra for the operator algebras introduced by John von Neumann, but Dixmier said in an interview that the name originated from a proposal by Jean Dieudonné.[2]

Dixmier was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1966 at Moscow with talk Espace dual d'une algèbre, ou d'un groupe localement compact and again in 1978 at Helsinki with talk Algèbres enveloppantes.


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