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Jacques Dupin (4 March 1927, Privas, Ardèche – 27 October 2012, Paris) was a French poet, art critic, and co-founder of the journal L'éphemère.[1][2][3]

Dupin was born in the town of Privas in the South of France, where his father was a psychiatrist at a state mental hospital. In 1944, the family moved to Paris, where, in 1950, the poet René Char helped him publish his first collection of poems.[4]

In 1966, he co-founded the poetry quarterly L’Éphémère, with poets including André du Bouchet, Yves Bonnefoy and Paul Celan.[4]

He was the director of publication at Galerie Maeght,[2] which represented Joan Miró, a close friend. The gallery also represented Marc Chagall, Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon and Wassily Kandinsky.[4] Giacometti and Bacon both painted his portrait.[4]

Dupin wrote Miró's biography, numerous monographs on the artist's work, and was empowered by Miró's family to be the sole authenticating authority of the artist's work; a role that made him much sought after by collectors.[5] In 1987, Dupin was the curator of a retrospective of Miró's work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the first such retrospective in New York since 1959.[6]

Jacques Dupin's poetry in English[edit]

  • Of Flies and Monkeys, translated by John Taylor, The Bitter Oleander Press, September 2011
  • Selected Poems, selected by Paul Auster, translated by Stephen Romer and David Shapiro, Bloodaxe Books, 1992
  • Selected Poems, Wake Forest University Press, November 1992
  • Fits and Starts: Selected Poems of Jacques Dupin, translated by Paul Auster, Living Hand Editions, 1974

Jacques Dupin's poetry in French[edit]

  • Cendrier du voyage, GLM, Paris, 1950
  • Art poétique, PAB, Alès, 1956
  • Les Brisants, GLM, Paris, 1958
  • L'Épervier, GLM, Paris, 1960
  • Gravir, Gallimard, Paris, 1963
  • L'embrasure, Gallimard, Paris, 1969
  • Dehors, Gallimard, Paris, 1975
  • Ballast, Le Collet de Buffle, Paris, 1976
  • Histoire de la lumière, L'Ire des Vents, Paris, 1978
  • De nul lieu et du Japon, Éditions Fata Morgana, Montpellier, 1981
  • Le Désœuvrement, Orange export Ltd, 1982
  • Une Apparence de soupirail, Gallimard, Paris, 1982
  • De singes et de mouches, Éditions Fata Morgana, Montpellier, 1983
  • Les Mères, Fata Morgana, Montpellier, 1986
  • Contumace, POL, Paris, 1986
  • Chansons troglodytes, Éditions Fata Morgana, Montpellier, 1989
  • Rien encore, tout déjà, Éditions Fata Morgana, Montpellier, 1991
  • Echancré, POL, Paris, 1991
  • Eclisse, Spectres familiers, Marseille, 1992
  • Le grésil, POL, Paris, 1996
  • Ecart, POL, Paris, 2000
  • De singes et de mouches suivi de Les mères (réédition), POL, Paris, 2001
  • Coudrier, POL, Paris, 2006

Jacques Dupin's essays on modern art[edit]

  • Joan Miro, Flammarion, Paris, 1961 (New augmented edition augmentée 1993)
  • Textes pour une approche sur Alberto Giacometti, Maeght éditeur, 1962 (new edition in 1991, éditions Fourbis)
  • Matière du souffle (sur Antoni Tàpies), Fourbis, Paris, 1994
  • L'espace autrement dit, Editions Galilée, Paris, 1982
  • Claude Garache, Dessins, Paris, Conférence et Adam Biro éditeurs, 1999


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