Jadeed Adab

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Jadeed Adab
Editor Haider Qureshi
Categories Literary Magazine
Publisher Haider Qureshi
Year founded 1978
Country Germany
Language Urdu
Website website

Jadeed Adab (Urdu: جدید ادب ‎) is an Urdu literary magazine based in Germany. Its editor-in-chief is Haider Qureshi. It is published from Germany, Pakistan and India, in print form and on the internet. It was first launched in 1978 from Khanpur, Pakistan.[1] [2]


Jadeed Adab was founded in 1978 from Khanpur, Pakistan, by Haider Qureshi at the cost of his spouse's jeweleries which he sold one after another until all were sold and the magazine ceased to be published.[1] Its editor-in-chief is the poet and prose writer Haider Qureshi, and honorary editor Nazar Khaliq and adviser Shafiq Ahmad are also on staff. It is published from Germany, Pakistan and India, and it is available both in print form and on the internet.[2] After several years the magazine was restarted from Germany.[1]

Jadeed Adab remains the only regularly published Urdu literary magazine.[2]

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