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Jamf Pro
Operating systemiOS, macOS, tvOS
TypeNetwork management, Systems management, IT automation, Software Asset Management, Mobile Device Management

Jamf Pro (formerly The Casper Suite) is an Apple device management solution[buzzword] used by system administrators to configure and automate IT administration tasks for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices.[1] The product includes server and client ("agent") software that runs on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.[2]

Jamf offers on-premises and cloud-based mobile device management as well as an agent for managing macOS. Jamf Pro is the flagship product of the company and centralizes device management, allows policy creation and restricts device features. The software is equipped with features such as management tools, remote setup and remote lock and wipe.


Minneapolis-based Jamf Software was started in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Zach Halmstad and Chip Pearson in 2002[3] releasing The Casper Suite[4]. The Casper Suite was rebranded as Jamf Pro in 2017.[5]. Vista Equity Partners acquired a majority of shares in Jamf in December 2017.[6]

Partnership with IBM[edit]

IBM selected Jamf Pro to manage their Macs in 2015. [7] IBM Chief Technology Officer Fletcher Previn announced they had surpassed 277,000 devices in 2017, making it the largest Mac deployment in the world. [8] IBM then claimed the Mac to be cheaper to manage than Windows counterparts. [9]

Integration with Microsoft Intune[edit]

Jamf has a partnership with Microsoft that allows Jamf Pro to communicate with Intune. [10] This partnership extended Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune to Mac OS X. [11]


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