Jamia Mosque (Kenya)

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Jamia Mosque
Jamia Mosque (Nairobi) 01.JPG
AffiliationSunni Islam (Salafi movement)
LocationNairobi, Kenya
StyleClassic Arabic Muslim

Jamia Mosque is a mosque located on Banda Street, Nairobi, Kenya in the Central Business District. The mosque is one of Kenya's most prominent religious structures, and the most important mosque in the country. It was founded and first built by Syed Maulana Abdullah Shah between 1902 and 1906.[citation needed] The Mosque has been extended since its original construction. The current chairman Of Jamia Mosque Committee and the MajlisAlUlama Of Kenya is Sheikh Syed Fathahuddin Thangal.

The Jamia Mosque retains a classic Arabic Muslim architectural style with extensive use of marble and inscriptions from the Quran, and the traditional row of shops (including a clinic and pharmacy) down one side to provide rental income for its upkeep. It is recognisable by its three silver domes, and twin minarets. It contains a library and a training institute where one can learn Arabic, introductory computing and cloth making.[1]

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