Jamila (doll)

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First appearance2006
Created bySimba Toys Middle East
In-universe information
SpeciesFashion Doll
Familyclosest family consists of husband Jamil and the two little children
ChildrenAsad and Almira

Jamila (English: beautiful) is the name of a fashion doll marketed to children in the Middle East. Challenging the already extant leading Muslim fashion doll Fulla, the 11.5 inch Jamila was launched by Simba Toys Middle East in October 2006.


Starting off as a single but truly Arabic doll with dark-hair, thick eyebrows and brown eyes,[1] Jamila was launched wearing the traditional black Abaya. Accompanied by her two best female friends and her soon-to-be husband Jamil she hit the market with an exclusive point-of-sale promotion in Carrefour outlets throughout the Middle East. Since its launch the range of items has increased not only by girl's accessories and doll's clothing, single items of the Jamila brand have also become available at other retail outlets.

Besides her original definition as a self-confident, young Arabic woman with typical female fashion fads, Jamila now got married and also shows her caring attitude towards her family. She is therefore not only joined by her husband Jamil but also by their two little babies Asad and Almira.[2]

Manufacturer & Distributor[edit]

Jamila was created by Simba Toys Middle East, which is a subsidiary of the German-based Simba-Dickie Group.

Clothing and Accessories[edit]

The Jamila line offers various accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, make up set, mobile phone and others.


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