Jan Dubravius

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Jan Dubravius

Jo(h)annes Dubravius (1486–1553) was a Czech churchman, humanist and writer. He became the bishop of Olomouc, in Moravia. His name is given also as Jan Dubravius or Janus Dubravius, Jan Skála z Doubravky and Jan z Doubravky, and Dubravinius.


  • Martiani Capellae Nuptiae Mercurii cum Philologia, commentary on Martianus Capella
  • Theriobulia Joannis Dubravii iurisconsulti et equitis aurati De regiis praeceptis, poetic beast fables
  • Commentarii in V Davidis psalmum
  • Libellus de piscinis et piscium, qui in eis aluntur natura, a work on fish ponds, dedicated to Anton Fugger, cited by Izaak Walton
  • Historia regni Bohemiae (1552), chronicle

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