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Jangloos is an Urdu novel written by author Shaukat Siddiqui.

Plot summary[edit]

The novel tells the story of two prisoners, Lali and Raheem Dad who escaped from the jail. The story is created in the backdrop of central Punjab (Pakistan).


The novel was also dramatized by PTV in 1989 and gained a huge popularity. However, the drama was not shot til the end of story and was left unfinished. Actually the Novel is published in Two volumes. only the first volume of the Novel has been dramatized. Total episodes are 18. The lead cast in drama for the two prisoners include M. Warsi as Lali and Shabbir Jan as Raheem Dad. Among other cast are Saleem Nasir, Shaguftah Ijaz, Zahoor Ahmad, Subhani ba Younas, M Yousuf, Ashraf Khan, Tahira Wasti, A. R. Baloch and many others. The play was directed by Kazim Pasha.