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Jatoi (Urdu: جتوئی‎) is a Baloch tribe settled in Balochistan Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. Many members of Jatoi tribe have held senior political positions including Prime Minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Former Chief Minister of Sindh, Liaquat Ali Jatoi and many others the jatoi tribe is a large tribe of 900,000 all around Pakistan and in Iran,Jordan and other parts of the world Jatoi tribe has fiftyfive subclans in it like shar bullo khosh. Jatoi tribe is considered to be furious and a brave it's one of the biggest tribe of baloch present all around the origin land of all Jatoi is Bolan distirict Balochistan the presnt NAWAB Jatoi tribe NAWAB Mir Murtaza khan Jatoi from Nawabi Jatoi family of Naueshro firoz.

[1] The Jatoi tribe is also involved armed clashes with other tribes in Sindh.[2][3]

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