Jayce Landberg

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Jayce Landberg
Also known as Erik J. Landberg, Erik Jayce Landberg
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Heavy metal, neo-classical metal, power metal, glam metal, hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, producer, Novelist, Businessman
Instruments Guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Years active 1991–present
Labels Marquee Avalon, Escape Music, Victoria Records
Associated acts Göran Edman, John Leven, Mark Boals, Patric Ullaeus
Website Official website

Erik Jayce Landberg is a Swedish guitar virtuoso, composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and novelist.[1]

Early life[edit]

Landberg grew up between Stockholm, Sweden, the Swedish countryside as well as Switzerland. At a very early stage he discovered art and poetry until finally picking up the guitar at his parent's request. At age 18, Landberg left his current household to move back to Stockholm where he started playing guitar in several band constellations. He attended Uppsala University as well as Stockholm University and graduated with a Master of Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Law.[2]

Solo deal / recording career[edit]

In 2006, Landberg met rock vocalist Göran Edman, famous for his previous work with acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen & John Norum. The two of them recorded two songs which were released as a demo EP entitled "Lost Without You".

2005-2006 record deal[edit]

In the winter of 2005, Landberg decided to form his own band (which he would call Jayce Landberg) with former band mates whom he had met while playing in previous bands, yet still looking for a vocalist. Prior to meeting Göran Edman, Landberg had written music for two songs: "Lost Without You" and the epic ballad "Marilyn" which Jayce originally wrote as a classical music piece. The lyrics to the song "Lost Without You" were later co-written with Edman and the recording resulted in the demo EP of the same name. It was released as a single in Japan & Europe, soon attracting the attention of record companies abroad. As a result, Landberg landed a solo record deal with Japanese label Marquee Avalon Records followed by the English label Escape Music Records to record his debut album "Break The Spell" also featuring Edman on vocals.

2007-2008 California[edit]

After signing his first Japanese record deal, Landberg moved briefly to San Francisco where he started writing material for his upcoming album. Recording sessions took place in Sacramento and later on in Stockholm.[3]

The release of his debut effort Break The Spell in 2008 was launched and covered by several rock magazines such as Japanese Burrn! magazine.[4] and received very good reviews in the European & American press. Although only released as an import in the USA, prior to the international release of Break The Spell Landberg was interviewed on Alice Morning Show in California.[5] The same year, Jayce also recorded two radio jingles for CBS in California.[5]


In 2009 Landberg hooked up with the Swedish band Europe's bassist John Levén and American vocalist Mark Boals (ex-Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) to produce and record several new songs that were to be included on his second effort "Good Sleepless Night".[6] The album was released in February 2010 on Escape Records featuring both musicians as guest artists.

2010 also saw Landberg collaborating with grammy awarded video director Patric Ullaeus to shoot and direct a music video for his brand-new ballad "The Thorns".[7]

Ullaeus has previously shot and continues to direct videos for bands such as Ace Of Base, Europe, Rednex, Lutricia Mc Neal, In Flames etc.

Influences and style[edit]

In the press, Landberg is often compared to guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen both stylewise and techniquewise. Although Landberg acknowledges the fact that he has been listening to Malmsteen in his early teens, he rejects the fact that he has a similar style, pointing out music and composition as a far greater emphasis in his music than just guitar technique.[8] Among strong influences, Landberg has cited Edward Van Halen in several radio interviews such as in The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio interview in New York.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Landberg has dedicated the song "Left On A Dream" to one of his ex-longtime girlfriends.[9]

Musical equipment[edit]

Landberg uses mostly modified Stratocaster guitars, Les Pauls and Marshall amplifiers.

Band members[edit]

Current members (Jayce Landberg band)
Current members (Inside Monroe)

Guest artists[edit]

Band members appearing as guests (Jayce Landberg band)

Past members[edit]

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Full-length Albums & EPs


  • The Thorns (2014)


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