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Jeff Lee (born 1952 in Elkhart, Indiana) is the original video artist at D. Gottlieb and Company. He is best known for creating the character of Q*Bert, the popular arcade game from 1982.[1]

He also produced the video graphics for Cave Man (a video-pinball hybrid), Mad Planets, Krull, Q*Bert's Qubes, The Three Stooges, Quizimodo, M.A.C.H. 3 and Us vs Them. He also developed graphics for a number of video games that were never manufactured, such as Protector, Tylz and Wiz Warz. For independent arcade producers he created artwork for Lotto Fun and Double Cheese.[2] During this period he also produced game graphics for the Sega Genesis system Home Alone, Premier Technology (Exterminator) and Maze Wars+ for Macromind.

In print, Lee illustrated the playing cards of the 1986 publication of OD by the Avalon Hill Game Company.[3] Lee illustrated an article by Marc Canter, "The New Workstation", which appeared in "CD ROM: The New Papyrus" (Microsoft Press, 1986). [4] In 1993 Lee illustrated Bob Rumba's Standup Comix featuring Emo Philips and Judy Tenuta. His work also appeared in "A Cook's Guide To Chicago" (Lake Claremont Press, 2002) by Marilyn Pocius. [5] Most recently, in 2012, Lee illustrated the children's book The Train to Christmas Town, written by Peggy Ellis and published by Iowa Pacific Holdings.[6]


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