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Center of the village Jegunovce
Center of the village Jegunovce
Jegunovce is located in North Macedonia
Location within North Macedonia
Coordinates: 42°4′24″N 21°7′24″E / 42.07333°N 21.12333°E / 42.07333; 21.12333Coordinates: 42°4′24″N 21°7′24″E / 42.07333°N 21.12333°E / 42.07333; 21.12333
Country North Macedonia
RegionLogo of Polog Region.svg Polog
MunicipalityCoat of arms of Jegunovce Municipality.svg Jegunovce
 • Total846
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code044
Car platesTE

Jegunovce (Macedonian: Јегуновце ) is one of the larger villages in the Polog Valley, North Macedonia. It is located about 10 mi (15 km) northeast of the Macedonian city of Tetovo. It is the center of the Jegunovce Municipality.


Jegunovce began to grow from a village into a small town after World War II, when the new Yugoslav government under Josip Broz Tito built a massive metallurgical plant (working mostly with chromium) in the area. The plant was named Jugohrom, and was one of the largest employers in Yugoslavia. The plant was renamed Silmak in 2002, and closed in 2006.[1] After reopening and closing later on again in early 2009 due to the world financial crisis and rapid decline in demand, Silmak started its operations again in July, 2009.


According to the 2002 census, the village had a total of 846 inhabitants.[2] Ethnic groups in the village include:[2]


The local football club is FK Jugohrom.

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