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Jen is a unisex[1] given name, frequently a shortened form (hypocorism) of Jennifer, and occasionally a surname. It may refer to:

Given name[edit]


  • Jen Adams (born 1979), American college lacrosse head coach and former player
  • Jennifer Baxter (curler) (born 1987), Canadian curler
  • Jennifer Jen Buczkowski (born 1985), American former soccer player
  • Jennifer Jen Button (born 1977), Canadian former swimmer
  • Jen DeNike (born 1971), American video and performance artist
  • Jen Green (born 1955), British non-fiction author
  • Jen Hadfield (born 1978), English poet
  • Jennifer Jen Hoy (born 1991), American soccer player
  • Jen Hudak (born 1986), American freestyle skier
  • Jennifer Jen Jacobs (1956–2016), Australian cricketer
  • Jennifer Jen Kirkman, American stand-up comedian, screenwriter and actress
  • Jennifer Jen Lancaster (born 1967), American author
  • Jennifer Jen Ledger (born 1989), English drummer and co-vocalist for the American Christian rock band Skillet
  • Jennifer Jen Miller (born 1972), American actress, writer, painter, director, preacher and poet
  • Jennifer Jen Psaki (born 1978), White House Communications Director for President Obama
  • Jen Schoullis (born 1989), American women's ice hockey player
  • Jen Sorensen (born 1974), American cartoonist and illustrator
  • Jennifer Jen McKensy born 1973, humanitarian, teacher, psychologist, writer and a poet

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