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Jennie Stencel (born May 19, 1976) was formerly the traffic reporter at KENS-TV, a CBS affiliate in San Antonio, Texas, United States. She started on-air at the station in August 2014 and she departed after one year to return to her family in North Carolina after being removed from the Good Day morning show cast. She was previously at WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, North Carolina from January 2006 to May 2010.

According to WXII-TV's segment which appeared in June 2006, Stencel was hired because of her comedic background and talents to provide the lighter side of the news. She was known for her on-air antics including rapping the traffic report, appearing in her pajamas and reporting as Traffic Girl, the traffic superhero (in costume), "flying" across the triad.

Stencel's traffic rap was used on VH1's WebJunk in June 2006 and ended up as #11 in the year's top forty viral videos on the VH1 countdown. The traffic rap is known to have aired on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, E!'s The Soup, and CNN. The rap, as well as the Traffic Girl segments, can also be found on


Stencel's earliest known performances were at an improvisational comedy club, ComedySportz in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she performed from 1995-2000.

In 2003, she helped found the Idiot Box, an improvisational comedy club at which she appears weekly,[1] in Greensboro, North Carolina.[2] In addition, she is a regular cast member of the sketch comedy team "There Is No "F" In Sketch".

Stencel also had a short career in film as a stand-in for the actress Monica Potter in the film Patch Adams.


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